Is this good news?

Is this good news?

Time for a little more history about me. Short version – here is about fifty years in one paragraph: I grew up Roman Catholic. I met my wonderful wife at work. She introduced me to the Baptist Church. This was the first time that the Bible really came alive for me. I was changed by God and then I was baptized as a Christian. We wandered away from the church for a long time… and came back to a local church: New Hope Chapel. We changed churches a few years ago to go to: Bethlehem Bible Church. I am a protestant and a five point Calvinist.

We are encouraged to learn the Bible. Read it – understand it and to think Biblically. We’ve both grown tremendously at BBC and it’s where we belong. Our church is reformed – Calvinistic and we have expositional preaching – one verse at a time and no skipping all over the Bible. IBC classes help too – we’ve learned so much and continue to learn all of the time.

From a scriptural perspective – what the pope said does not square with what the Bible says.

What do I believe? We are saved by faith alone. God in eternity past (before time) selected who would be saved – the elect. The holy and perfect God created everything. Adam sinned – disobeyed God’s law. His sin was imputed to everyone. We have all sinned and deserve hell for disobeying even one of God’s laws. Jesus came and lived a perfect life – which we could never live. He took the sin of the elect upon Himself and suffered Gods wrath and died. Three days later He was raised. Believers receive Christ’s righteousness. God confirmed the the transaction when Christ was raised. Believers are sanctified by the Holy Spirit the rest of our lives – still sinning, but sinning less and repenting more – trying to live to be more Christ like.

The claim of the pope of inerrancy means that anything he says is considered inerrant. This new claim that unbelievers are saved does not stand up to a comparison of what the Bible says.

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